“Accounting Financial Service” Ltd.- accounting services, monthly accounting service, tax consultations. 

Accounting services:

  • Monthly accounting services
  • Application of national and international standards
  • Preparation of accounting documentation in Bulgarian and English language
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and financial statements
  • Publishing of Annual Financial Statement /AFS/



  • VAT registration
  • Submitting VAT declarations at National Revenue Agency /NRA/
  • Assistance in the event of audit inspections
  • Accredited representation

Salary, holidays, sick leaves

  • Preparation of employment agreements
  • Preparation of documents for starting and leaving work
  • Holidays and sick leave sheets
  • Declaration at National Revenue Agency
  • Announcement to the employer of every change occurred in the normative regulations


Taxes and declarations:

  • Annual Tax Declarations for local and foreign companies and individuals
  • Intrastat
  • Tax consultations



What we offer

  • Registration of companies at Commercial Register.
  • VAT registration of companies.
  • Publishing of Financial Statements at Registry Agency.
  • Current status.
  • Corporate contracts, shares, management contracts, procurators.

We work in a team with ambitious and reputable attorneys.
Our purpose is Competent service – accounting and legal at one office with one team!